Sherpa Clinical Packaging Rolls Out CAD Kit Design and Manufacturing Services

San Diego, Calif. August 29, 2018 — Sherpa Clinical Packaging, a leading provider of clinical materials management services, has launched Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) services to prototype and manufacture custom packaging specifically suited to clinical trials.

“We are always looking for new ways to provide our customers with the utmost flexibility in designing and managing their clinical supplies,” says Mark Paiz, President of Sherpa. “Our latest CAD kit design service can rapidly prototype kits in a matter of hours, and produce the materials in a matter of days, instead of weeks so that our customers can meet their aggressive “first patient in” milestones.”

Sherpa’s CAD kit design and manufacturing services can also be leveraged to implement last-minute kit design changes. “Sometimes despite the best planning, cartons and inserts that our clients have ordered from third parties can’t accommodate the necessary kit items,” says Mark Shepanski, Sherpa’s Senior Director of Quality. “Sherpa’s CAD service allows us to quickly modify kit designs, get it approved and produced in a matter of days instead of weeks so that our clients can keep their clinical trials on schedule.”

More information on Sherpa’s CAD kit design and manufacturing services for clinical trials can be found here.

About Sherpa Clinical Packaging
Sherpa Clinical Packaging provides clinical trial material management services for clinical studies phases I-IV, including packaging, labeling, distribution, storage and returns and destruction services. We manage trial materials for global studies using our cold-chain expertise and our global distribution network among our other offerings. Our agile managerial and operational systems are built to accommodate ever-changing clinical project requirements and fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality. Sherpa’s responsive team leverages its global expertise to identify and execute creative clinical supply solutions for all clients.

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