Sherpa Clinical Packaging Rolls Out API Sampling & Storage Services

San Diego, Calif. February 27, 2018 — Sherpa Clinical Packaging, a leading provider of clinical materials management services, announced new Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) sampling and storage services today.

Sherpa’s ISO 8 API sampling room has been designed and validated to manage a broad range of APIs, including high potency APIs (HPAPI). Their recent GMP facility expansion provides additional temperature-controlled storage space, part of which will be dedicated to API storage.

“API is a priceless component of developing drug compounds,” says Mark Paiz, president of Sherpa Clinical Packaging, “for which pharmaceutical companies and API manufacturers need highly qualified sampling and storage facilities. The addition of Sherpa’s new API sampling and storage services to our clinical supply management portfolio provides a one-stop solution for API sampling and storage, and clinical supply management needs.”

API sampling and storage service inquiries can be directed to Sherpa here.


About Sherpa

Sherpa Clinical Packaging provides clinical trial material management services for clinical studies phases I-IV, including packaging, labeling, distribution, storage and returns and destruction services. We manage trial materials for global studies using our cold-chain expertise and our global distribution network among our other offerings. Our agile managerial and operational systems are built to accommodate ever-changing clinical project requirements and fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality. Sherpa’s responsive team leverages its global expertise to identify and execute creative clinical supply solutions for all clients.

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