Custom Kit Design

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CAD Kit Machine

Sherpa offers Custom Kit Design and packaging using the Kongsberg XE 10 machine.
You can expect a digital finishing solution that outclasses others in both productivity and precision, shaving weeks off your clinical trial while providing unmatched customization. Instead of having to outsource the kit prototype which takes weeks, we can do it in-house within hours.


By adding custom kit design capabilities in-house, we can provide rapid prototyping of custom packaging designs specifically suited to a clinical trial.

We can also use our internal capability to produce short runs of cartons and inserts in house. All of this results in better designs and significantly shorter lead times to patient-in kit shipments.

- Mark Paiz President / Sherpa Clinical Packaging

We use ArtiosCAD which is the lead choice in structural design software for packaging. With this software there is no need to supply a vector file as it works from CAD files directly. We use standard Clay Coated Sulfated One-Sided Cardstock for the making of the boxes. We can also cut and design using pre-printed cardstock. All kits and inserts undergo Sherpa’s rigorous QA process to ensure that all requested specifications have been met.

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CAD Kit Boxes

Sherpa’s Kit Design Services Accommodate:

  • Folding carton
  • Tuck top auto bottom box
  • Multi panel designs
  • Carton inserts
  • Carton stamping
  • Adhesive that holds at -80°C


If you have questions on how Sherpa’s Custom Kit Design services can help your clinical supply strategy, contact us and we would be happy to give you further details.

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