Cold-Chain Logistics

On-Time, On-TemperatureTM

Sherpa utilizes advanced processes to ensure end-to-end temperature control for your drug product. We employ the latest cold chain technologies to store, label, package, and ship your drug product across the US, Canada, and globally while controlling the temperature every step of the way to ensure your drug product arrives to its destination in optimal condition.

The Sherpa team is amazing. The experience, attention to detail, and high quality standards are second to none. The full team is very helpful and they were able to meet our aggressive timelines despite the ever changing requirements that we had.

- Wajdie Ahmad, MBA Chief Operating Officer / Bonti

Our systems, capabilities, and facility layout have all been designed to ensure your drug product remains at the proper temperature throughout its journey from arrival at our facility, through labeling and packing, in storage, and during delivery to your clinical study sites. The refrigerator packs that are utilized in our pre-qualified shippers are non-water-based phase change materials (PCMs) that freeze and melt at the temperatures needed by the products it protects. This cost-effective technology provides for efficient thermal packaging resulting in heightened drug integrity, reduced size, weight, and freight costs.  These environmentally-friendly parcel and pallet solutions offer the highest performance against hot and cold extremes and are competitively priced.

Due to the integrity of our pre-conditioning, packout, and shipping processes, excursions are extremely rare with Sherpa’s shipments. This is just another example of the Sherpa Difference.

Our shipping capabilities include:

  • Pre-qualified shippers for 48-120 hours, at temperatures of -20°C, 2-8°C, and CRT
  • Access to pallet-sized temperature controlled shipper
  • Dry ice shippers for products requiring -70°C
  • Temperature monitoring using the most advanced USB devices

Sherpa Cold Transport

Sherpa Cold Transport provides cold-chain transportation for drug product, clinical kits, and API. Sherpa Cold Transport is Hazmat certified to transport critical drug substances that are hazardous materials.