Outsourced Pharma – Boston

May 14-15, 2018: Outsourced Pharma – Boston, Massachusetts

This year, Outsourced Pharma Boston will dive into everything from new FDA regulations and tech-transfer best practices, to the competition between outsourcing in the East and West … and the very future of the industry.


This year’s agenda includes:
– “Help! The 7 Critical Areas Where Sponsors Need More Support”
Executives at sponsor ccompanies explore their seven most critical support needs for drug development and manufacturing. Learn how a lack of support in each area impacts their plans, and join a discussion on how sponsors and CDMOs can work together to solve each challenge.

– “How To Survive – And Even Benefit From – Your CDMO’s M&A”
Your CDMO is being acquired or merging: How do you ensure your projects and company continue to receive the attention they deserve? Sponsors with firsthand experience detail specific steps you can – and should – take to ensure you don’t get lost in the M&A shuffle.

– “New Business Models With CDMOs Include Better Pricing”
Today’s more creative sponsor-CDMO business models now include improved pricing strategies. Can these enlightened models and strategies work for you and your service provider? Here are some answers from three real-life case studies.

– “Spotlight Technology: Lowering Risk To Your Physical Supply Chain”
Will your shipments of raw materials or finished goods get stolen, diverted, counterfeited … or simply disappear? Charles Forsaith, Chairman, Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition (PCSC), presents on the state of our physical supply, how to evaluate security risk in key areas of your supply chain, and leads a panel of pharma security professionals in a discussion of security technologies.

– “How Small Sponsors Can Compete For Attention At Their CDMOs”
Start-ups, virtuals, biotechs and smaller pharma compete with bigger sponsors for capabilities, capacity, better pricing … and just to maintain a service provider’s full attention. Some break through, while others feel marginalized. Our experienced professionals will offer strategies to help, and also discuss your experiences.

– “Does Your Risk Management Plan Satisfy The FDA and SEC?”
Regulatory scrutiny of your outsourcing activities isn’t limited to the FDA. The SEC is paying more attention to how you manage and disclose operational risks. Any drug developer receiving funding needs to listen to this panel discuss risk management and disclosure, best practices for data integrity and IP protection, and supply and quality agreements.

– “Leverage Today’s IT Solutions For Better Outsourcing Outcomes”
Serialization, the cloud, blockchain — progressive biopharma and CDMOs are widely applying these IT-based solutions to drive better drug development and manufacturing outcomes. Find out how you can join them to positively impact external supply chain logistics, data management, and your operational efficiency.

– “Spotlight Leadership Company: TBD”
At each Outsourced Pharma conference, a successful company from the Bio/Pharmaceutical industry presents a working model, and best practices, in the art of outsourcing drug development and manufacturing.