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10 Things to Remember About the QP Role and Process

Article by Sue Mann, founder and Managing Director, Sue Mann Consultancy Ltd

The QP process is a necessary process that every sponsor company wishing to undertake trials in, or move product through the European Union must undergo. When faced with this process, many companies are unsure as to what to expect. Here are the top ten things that sponsor companies should know about the QP Process.

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What your Clinical Study Design Reveals About your Clinical Packaging Needs

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As the cost and complexities of drug development increase, so do the challenges of global clinical trials. Today’s sponsors must be able to manage and coordinate multiple resources, processes, and locations with speed and accuracy to design effective and efficient clinical trials. Securing a stable supply chain to deal with the uncertainties of clinical trials is critical. One misstep can have a profound impact not only on the cost and time of your trial but also on its overall success.

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Sherpa Clinical Packaging – The Complete Package™

Sometimes it makes sense to ask for a helping hand from a clinical trial management expert. Mark Paiz from Sherpa Clinical Packaging discusses the benefits of outsourcing some aspects of a business, so that one can better manage internal resources and concentrate on core competences.

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Stay Cool

As clinical trials become more global in nature, and outsourcing more common, pharmaceutical companies’ logistics needs are changing. Mark Paiz, president of Sherpa Clinical Packaging, explains how a specialist in CTM management services can provide the support they require, particularly in the field of temperature control.

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