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Our singular focus is on providing the best clinical supply services for all our customers. This requires a team that is dedicated, flexible, and not afraid to think outside the box.

At Sherpa, you’ll be part of a talented team with a breadth of experience in many disciplines, including project management, operations and quality, passionately determined to provide the best service possible to every customer.

Sherpa provides a comprehensive benefits package including health coverage, annual performance-based bonus, retirement planning programs, and time-off programs.

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Company Culture

At Sherpa, we think outside the box to engineer the best clinical supply management services for our customers and package it with care.

Our dynamic, fast-paced work environment is ideally suited for self-starters looking to shape the company’s success. Marked by flexibility, diversity and a passion for problem solving, the Sherpa team is committed to flawless service execution.

Employee Spotlight

Sheila Dela Cruz, Quality Inspector

“Sherpa is my second family. The people here are generous, approachable, friendly, and happy. I love working here because what we do everyday helps to heal somebody somewhere in the world.” -Sheila Dela Cruz, Quality Inspector, Sherpa Clinical Packaging

Sheila DeLa Cruz is one of our trusted Quality Inspectors, checking that all packaging, labeling, and shipping operations meet Sherpa’s high quality standards. Sheila started at Sherpa as an operator and it wasn’t long before others recognized her potential. “Maika (Adair) taught me so much and really took me under her wing and showed me how to do quality control work. Without that support, I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

Climb Every Mountain
Sheila is the first Sherpa employee to successfully complete the Sherpa Shout Out Program, a peer-program where colleagues recognize each other for demonstrating one or more of Sherpa’s core values: communication, initiative, honesty, respect, and reliability. She received five shout outs (climbing five summits on the Sherpa Shout Out board) due to her diligence and dedication. Congratulations Sheila!

Sheila Fun Fact #2
A Valentine’s Day to Remember
As a Quality Inspector, Sheila ensures that every job done at Sherpa is well-documented – all I’s are dotted and all T’s are crossed.

Outside of Sherpa, Sheila unleashes her creativity through art, usually triggered by unusual events.

On one fateful Valentine’s day, her husband forgot to buy her flowers, which made her sad. To express herself she drew a beautiful sketch incorporating roses, and showed it to her husband. Who, needless to say, has never forgotten to buy her flowers on Valentine’s day since.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to work at Sherpa?
Sheila has been at Sherpa since 2015, and has absolutely flourished. “For people that want to join Sherpa, I think dedication and taking pride in your job are critical. Remember that you are helping to bring new life-changing cures and treatments to people worldwide,” says Sheila.

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Sherpa Values

  • Communication

    Proactive, transparent two-way communication at all times.

  • Initiative

    Go above and beyond the call of duty to improve processes and identify solutions.

  • Honesty

    Be straightforward and fair.

  • Respect

    Treat customers, suppliers, and co-workers with the highest levels of respect.

  • Reliability

    Deliver 100% on-time while ensuring the highest level of quality.