At Sherpa we bring our clients’ label and labeling requirements together with our expertise. We can provide guidance around US and OUS labeling requirements, multi-language translation and make recommendations for the type of label that is appropriate for your container type/size. Sherpa specializes in a wide array of labeling capabilities that include:

• Labels able to maintain adhesion at temperatures of

    -70°C, -20°C, 2-8°C, and CRT

• Multi-panel

• Booklet labels

• Multilingual

• Sequential/randomized serial numbering

• Blind/double blind labels

• Un-blinding envelopes

• Scratch-off labels

• Barcode printing

• VideoJet labeling

• Colored text and colored labels

• Logo and graphics placement

• Creation of randomization lists

• Instructions for use manuals, patient inserts and instruction






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