Looking for great minds with a sense of adventure

Our singular focus is on providing the best clinical supply services for all our customers. This requires a team that is dedicated, flexible, and not afraid to think outside the box.

At Sherpa, you’ll be part of a talented team with a breadth of experience in many disciplines, including project management, operations and quality, passionately determined to provide the best service possible to every customer.

Sherpa provides a comprehensive benefits package including health coverage, annual performance-based bonus, retirement planning programs, and time-off programs.

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Company Culture

At Sherpa, we think outside the box to engineer the best clinical supply management services for our customers and package it with care.

Our dynamic, fast-paced work environment is ideally suited for self-starters looking to shape the company’s success. Marked by flexibility, diversity and a passion for problem solving, the Sherpa team is committed to flawless service execution.

Employee Spotlight

Suzzette Contreras, Production Supervisor

How long have you been at Sherpa?
“I’ve been with Sherpa for 5 years now, so Sherpa has become a family to me. The growth that I’ve seen here has been amazing. It definitely would not have been possible without the Sherpa team’s dedication.”

What is your role at Sherpa?
“I’ve done a number of different roles for the company. I just love taking on new responsibilities and bigger roles. I have always looked at myself as a student of life because I am always willing to learn. There is nothing more satisfying than constantly learning about new things, and being able to utilize the lessons. I have worked diligently to not only be an employee that people can look up to, but to inspire everyone around me and show that hard work really goes a long way.”

What is your favorite part about working for Sherpa?
“I love working with Sherpa’s intelligent and highly driven peers. I love working with professionals that I can learn from and push me to take on challenging opportunities.”

What is your most memorable moment at Sherpa?
“When Sherpa went to a Padres game! I’ve never been to a baseball game so I talked about it for a few weeks to my family and how I had so much fun! After a while, I could tell they got tired of listening to my stories about it so I stopped, haha.”

What is your favorite vacation spot? Or staycation spot?
“I am still looking for my favorite spot… We’ve been planning to go to Hawaii, and I am pretty sure it will be my favorite!”

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Sherpa Values

  • Communication

    Proactive, transparent two-way communication at all times.

  • Initiative

    Go above and beyond the call of duty to improve processes and identify solutions.

  • Honesty

    Be straightforward and fair.

  • Respect

    Treat customers, suppliers, and co-workers with the highest levels of respect.

  • Reliability

    Deliver 100% on-time while ensuring the highest level of quality.